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July 26, 2016

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Gene Mills, President, Louisiana Family Forum
225-344-8533 / [email protected]

Louisiana Family Forum Releases 2016 Legislative Scorecard

Baton Rouge, La.— Louisiana Family Forum has released their 2016 Legislative Scorecard today, providing a tool for Louisiana residents to evaluate members of the Louisiana legislature on key policy votes.

Three consecutive sessions left lawmakers and Louisiana exhausted, yet LFF maintained a presence at the legislature, evaluating bills and providing feedback to stakeholders on key legislation.

Six Senators and 10 Representatives earned the Outstanding Family Advocate Award by scoring 100-percent. These 16 Legislators will receive LFF's coveted Patrick Henry Award in a special ceremony during LFF's Annual Legislative Awards Gala, which will take place on Thursday, September 15, 2016, at the Healing Place Church Arena in Baton Rouge.

Additionally, 11 Senators and 40 Representatives will be honored with the Family Advocate Award for scoring 80-percent to 99-percent on LFF's 2016 Scorecard.

Life and Liberty Awards are given to legislators who successfully passed legislation that promoted life, liberty, and limited government. The 2016 recipients are:

  • Rep. Rick Edmonds – HB1019 – prohibits abortion solely for genetic abnormalities.
  • Rep. Frank Hoffmann – HB606 – no state funds for abortion, and
    HB 386 – increases reflection time for abortion informed consent from 24 to 72 hours.
  • Rep. Katrina Jackson – HB488 – additional physician qualifications to perform abortions.
  • Rep. Mike Johnson – HB1081 – prohibits dismemberment abortion.
  • Rep. Helena Moreno – HB145 and HB146 – Criminal Justice Reform - second chance employment waiver liability.
  • Rep. Julie Stokes – HB815 – prohibits harvesting of fetal remains.
  • Sen. Ryan Gatti – SB33 – prohibits harvesting of fetal remains.
  • Sen. Ronnie Johns – SB468 – strip club reform; dancers must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Sen. John Milkovich – SB135 – public meetings can open in prayer.
  • Sen. Rick Ward – SB395 – requires Law Institute to conduct open public meetings.

"We encourage Louisiana residents to evaluate this report and analyze how well their lawmakers represented family values," said LFF President Gene Mills.

The 2016 Legislative Scorecard is available online at www.lafamilyforum.org/2016scorecard. For more information and table sponsorship purchases for LFF's 2016 Legislative Awards Gala, go to www.lafamilyforum.org/2016gala, email LFF at [email protected], or call 800-606-6470.


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